Ahiliğin Tasavvufi Boyutu Ve Şanlıurfa’da Ahilik İzleri

Yazar: Ali TENİK Yıl: 2002 Yayınlandığı Dergi / Yayın:Marife Dini Araştırmalar Dergisi


In the 13th century, people living in Anatolia faced two main problems: First political chaos, second Monghol invasion, which caused unrest in society. People tried to overcome this problem by revitalizing mystical aspects of Islam. Sufis who came from abroad played crucial role in the political life of the society. Akhi Evran, who was educated in Sufi path, contributed to the education of those who were dealing with business. The system of Akhilik became one of the impor- tant factors in the life of Anatolian people.

Akhilik had been active in Sanlurfa for six centuries. It is still possible to see the traces of this institution in the shopping centers of Sanliurfa, namely in Eskiciler Pazari, Sipahi Pazari (Halk pazari) and Göncüler Carsisi. It is observed that moral values of the businessmen in these shopping centers still differ from those of others in the city.